• Pastor Letter
    Posted on June 16, 2017 at 10:41 pm

    May the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you! We wish our Dads and spiritual Fathers a Happy Father’s Day. We also ask you to join us this weekend to pray for those Fathers who find it a challenge to take up their duties and responsibility to be good Fathers (as they wish to be) and those Fathers who are deceased, to be able to rest in peace with the Lord! We gather to celebrate the Most Holy Body and Blood of the Lord this weekend. We thank the Lord for this special spiritual food to nurture our journey and the Lord truly is present in the sacrament to comfort us.We welcome our special guests who have joined us to celebrate the Most Holy Body and Blood of the Lord with our […]


  • Vision 2017 Finance Talking Points -...

    This report is to tell you about progress on our Vision 2017, Saint Ann’s 5-Year Pastoral Plan and the specific goals for the Finance Team.Many parishioners participated in providing input and […]

  • Poverty Pastoral Letter to Parishes

    Dear Brother Priests and Deacons, and Pastoral Coordinators,As you know, on November 17, 2016, the Bishops of Washington State released our pastoral letter on poverty, Who is My Neighbor? The Face of […]

  • The office of St. John of the Woods parish...

    The office of St. John of the Woods parish just got an upgraded after 50 years. The leaking skylight was repaired. The project took four days and completed on January 13, 2017. Thanks to our facility […]

  • Planned Giving: Tax Advice

    In recent years, the Planned Giving Office has assisted several parishes with processing planned gifts via insurance policies, retirement accounts (IRAs), and commercial annuities. In general, such […]

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March 2017.

Make the most out of Catholic Spring Training. One minute mediations. What do Catholics believe are the Four Marks of the Church? Why do Catholics do that? Why do we give things up for Lent? Feasts and Celebrations. From the Scripture: John 9:1-41, The Sight of Faith.


Home ministry is a way that gives us the opportunity to touch the very heart of God.

We bring Holy Communion for those who are homebound, in nursing homes, and hospitals every week. We give them a warm hug, a hopeful smile, share the love and the words of God and spend time to listen their stories, singing and praying together. Hopefully, through this work they will know the very special place they have within the heart of the church and realize the very powerful gifts and graces God has given them and their families at this time in their life.


early learning center
A year filled with positive growth and development for your children

Give your children the ability to move forward in their continuing educational experiences with self-esteem, confidence, maturity, and academic readiness. The program provides children with a strong social, emotional, spiritual, and academic foundation for their education, all for about what you would spend on daycare.



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