“We bring God, love, warm hug, and smile to you.”

Outreach -Home bound- Nursing home ministry is a way that gives us the opportunity to touch the very heart of God. Do we think of that Our Lord as Homebound, or in Nursing homes? Many persons who are homebound or in nursing homes that are very special reflections of Christ in today’s world. How do we serve in this ministry? It is very simple. We bring Holy Communion for those who are homebound, in nursing homes, and hospitals every week. We give them a warm hug, a hopeful smile, share the love and the words of God and spend time to listen their stories, singing and praying together. Hopefully, through this work they will know the very special place they have within the heart of the church and realize the very powerful gifts and graces God has given them and their families at this time in their life. God desires use you in a very special way.


If you feel God calling you into this ministry, or if you know anyone who is homebound that we could minister to, please contact Homebound Outreach Regional parishes at (253) 592-2455.



Nothing from August 19, 2017 to September 18, 2017.