Fall Harvest Festival

“Rejoice and be glad.” Thanks God for a very fabulous Fall Harvest Festival this year. It was not just food and goods, but also joy, love, fellowship, and unity that all those who came to this Festival have definitely touched. 

 Many special thanks to Karen & Ken, Gaye & Tom, Conie, Twyla, Gary, Mark, Terrie, Paula, Bob, Bonnie, Rita, Tina, Wendy, Mario, Sandra, Samantha, Arleen, Pat, Marleen, Dianna, Joan, Aurelia, Steve, Amara, Adamari, Gael & John, Charlecia, Serena, Kathy, Gena, Sabrinaand those who have devoted to the success of this Festival. May God bless you and reward you abundantly.

Thank you for supporting our Parish, Saint John of the woods. The success of this Festival means a lot to the future of our Parish. 

In one banner of Love, we have succeeded! 

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