Lenten Retreat 2019

In preparation to walk along with our Lord Jesus Christ on his journey to Calvary, our community had a Lenten retreat on Saturday, March 30th. Father James Harbaugh was the Master of this Retreat. There were about 45 people gathering at 9am in Hall for social hours. Then, at 9:30am, we started our Retreat with the Holy Mass


After Mass, we returned to the Hall for reflection which was directed by Fr. Harbaugh. He used the parable of prodigal son to lead the audience deeply into experiencing the mercy of God

Everyone enjoyed the retreat with the spirit of gratitude. We thank God for everything we have been received through the mercy of Him and kindness of our fellows.

We thank Fr. Harbaugh,  and those who helped out to make this retreat successful and meaningful for our Parish during this Holy Lenten Season. May all of us be touched by the word of God to repent, change our lives to become the true sons and daughters of God.