Parish Information | August 6, 2020

Bulletin - August 9, 2020

Sign-Up to Attend Public Indoor Mass

We take Mass attendance by reservation, so if you would like to attend these public indoor Masses, please click to sign up. 

6pm, Saturday August 8, 2020

8am, Sunday August 9, 2020

11:30am, Sunday August 9, 2020

or you can make phone call reservation by calling Sr. Anna 
at 253-592-2455

Your Sign-Up helps the parish to ensure the maximum allowed number of participants and keep good control in exposure response 

On weekdays, we have Mass on Wednesday and Friday at 9:30am.
Register at the entrance. 

Livestream Mass is continued on facebook@sjowtacoma
or website:
Wed & Fri: 9:30am 
Sat: 6pm
Sun: 11:30am


August 2, 2020
Envelops: 37
Total: $4,294

We thank you our generous parishioners for continuing contribution to our parish by online-giving, envelop drop-off or mails.  

Online-Giving To SJOW

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

Thank you Janet Byard for faithfully serving as RCIA director for Regional Parishes in the last 10 years. Congratulation and thank you LB Gilmer for accepting to be new director of RCIA program for St. Ann and St. John of the Woods Parishes

Changes in our Posture of Prayer in Mass

Archbishop Etienne has declared a Year of the Eucharist for the Archdiocese of Seattle with the hope of renewing our focus on the Eucharist.  With that in mind, Archbishop Etienne would like us to use common postures during Mass across the Archdiocese.

Thus we should kneel after the Agnus Dei until it is time to go forward in the Communion procession. Kneeling is a posture of adoration.  We kneel in the presence of Christ, until it is time to rise and join the Communion procession.  As we move in procession to the altar, we bow and remain standing to receive Holy Communion, whether the host or the chalice.  Upon returning to our seats following Communion, it is appropriate to kneel or sit during the period of sacred silence after Communion to prayerfully reflect upon the mystery we have received and to give thanks for such a precious gift.  Please see the bulletin for more information. 

So today, we will begin implementing these changes.  Our Cantor will let you know when it is time to kneel after the Agnus Dei. Then remain kneeling until it is time for you to rise and join the Communion procession. Remember to bow and remain standing to receive Communion. Thank you.

Fresh Food Distribution - Farmers to Families

This Saturday August 8, 2020
At St. Ann Parish Parking Lot

All are invited to get Fresh Food from the Farm.
Please pass on the information
Thanks Confirmation students and Eucharistic Youth for helping with the distribution


We send our deepest condolences to
the family of Robin Haechrel
and the family of Tom & Carrie Hayden
for their mourning.
May God hold you at this moment and give you comfort as you mourn for your loved ones. 

With sympathy and prayers,