Parish Weekly Newsletter | July 15, 2020


Bulletin - July 19, 2020

Sign-Up to Attend Public Indoor Mass

We take Mass attendance by reservation, so if you would like to attend these public indoor Masses, please click to sign up. 

6pm, Saturday July 18, 2020

8am, Sunday July 19, 2020

11:30am, Sunday July 19, 2020

or you can make phone call reservation by calling Sr. Anna at 253-592-2455

The Sign-Up List will be kept confidentially and destroyed after 14 days. 

On weekdays, we have Mass on Wednesday and Friday at 9:30am. Register at the entrance. 

Thank You

To all parish supporters, we appreciate your continuous stewardship to help keep the parish going. To our volunteers who are helping to keep our Masses going, helping us to understand the new processes need to be in a public place together yet safely. May our Lord continue to bless us with Love.

Contribution for weekend of July 11 & 12: $4,151.
Thank you for your continued financial support. You can mail or drop off envelops into the small mailbox marked 9903.


Annual Catholic Appeal Report

Goal: $27,124
Total Pledged Gift: $30,704
% of goal to date:113
Average Gift: $290
Donors: 126
Household: 352
Donor participate: 30%

We greatly appreciate your generosity. 

Faith Formation


Please keep10 RCIC & 18 RCIA candidates in your prayers. There will be Mass for them on July 27 at 6pm. Some of them will receive the Initiation Sacraments. Some will receive First Communion & Confirmation. Some will do profession of faith

First Confession & First Communion

There will be 4 groups for First Confession being held on
August 6, 7, 11, 12 at 6pm

4 groups for First Communion being held on August 18, 19, 20, 21