Presentation - SJOW Dec 16 Meeting with Archdiocese - Combining Pierce Parishes

Fr. Tuan and the parish leadership encourages parishioners to view the Archdiocesan Power Point regarding the merger of St. Ann, St. Rita, Holy Rosary & Visitation parishes into one newly named parish with St. John of the Woods affiliated with the new parish as a Mission


This will give parishioners an overview of the background and reasons why this new configuration is going into effect, as well as what meetings the St. John Stakeholder groups will have in the near future.

if you have any question, concern, or thought that you want your voice to be heard, please contact Parish Key Stakeholders. They will represent our parish to work closely with the Archdiocese and other parishes. 

St. John of the Woods Parish Key Stakeholders

  • Larry Volland
  • Daniel Soderlind
  • Paul Giovannini
  • Joan Oshea
  • Twyla Halmrast
  • Mark Wiegman
  • Mario Castillo