Parish Weekly Newsletter | July 30, 2020

Bulletin - August 2, 2020

Sign- Up to Attend Public Indoor Masses

We take Mass attendance by reservation, so if you would like to attend these public indoor Masses, please click to sign up. 

4:30pm, Saturday August 1

9:45am, Sunday August 2


or make phone call reservation
by calling Sr. Theresa at 253-592-2451

Your Sign-Up helps the parish to ensure the maximum allowed number of participants and keep good control in exposure response 

On weekdays, we have Mass on Mon, Tue, Thur at 8:00am.
Register at the entrance. 

Livestream Mass is continued on facebook@stanntacoma
or website:


Annual Catholic Report

Gifts Through Week 10

Goal: $45,945
Total Pledged Gift: $47,909
% of goal to date: 104
Average Gift: $259
Donors: 185
Household: 500
Donor participate: 37%

We greatly appreciate your generosity 

From the Pastor

Congratulations to RCIA, RCIC candidates, First Commnunion (St. Ann) students in receiving their sacraments. Please continue to pray for them, and pray for First communion of St. John and Confirmation students in preparing to receive their sacraments in August.

The Archdiocese has sent out the new revised guidelines for reopening Masses and parish ministries. Please read it so that we all know how to do for the best of our parish 

May the Lord continue to bless you and your family

Faith Formation


There will be 76 candidates to receive Confirmation this year

Group 1: scheduled on Monday, August 17 at 7pm at St. Ann Parish with Archbishop Paul Etienne
Group 2: Date is TBD , and Archbishop granted Fr. Tuan faculty to give Confirmation this year. 



July 26, 2020
Total: $4,668

We thank you our generous parishioners for continuing contribution to our parish by online-giving, envelop drop-off or mails.  

Online-Giving To St. Ann

Fresh Food Distribution - Farmers to Families

Saturday August 8, 2020
At St. Ann Parish Parking Lot

All are invited to get Fresh Food from the Farm.
Please spread the information
Thanks Confirmation students, Eucharistic Youth, and SVDP for helping with the distribution


St. Vincent de Paul

We are in current need of toilet paper, tooth paste, tooth rush, cereal, canned fruit, chili, pasta, pasta sauce, pork & Beans, top ramen, rice, rice a roni, tuna, tuna helper, Peanut butter, canned soup, spam, stew, box scalloped potatoes, canned vegetables, any kind of desserts.

St. Vincent de Paul’s phone numbers are: 253-228-4817 and 253-230-4247.
Every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 AM—11:45 AM.
Located on the corner of 72nd Street & G Street School Building.
Thank you for your continued support.

Letter of Bishop Daniel - Revised Mass Protocols