Parish Weekly Newsletter | May 6, 2021

Bulletin - May 9, 2021
Pre-K Monthly Newsletter - May 2021

From Our Pastor

We had a blessed procession to praise God to thank Him for His blessings, through the intercession of St. Joseph during his holy year, and the patron of the Vietnamese Catholic Community. We also honor the Virgin Mary by crowning Her (presenting Her with summer flowers) and praying the Holy Rosary with the intention to have more young men and women respond to the religious order and priesthood vocations. We keep praying for our parishes during this transition to merge into a New Parish. We also celebrate our special devotional tradition to honor the Virgin Mary during the month of May.

We thank our subcommittee members who attended their meeting; they are working hard gathering information for their report to the parish’s Stakeholders for our New Parish. Archbishop and I would like to listen and to hear from you. I am incredibly pleased with all the hard work the subcommittees and Stakeholders are doing and the information they have shared with me. It is a joy for me to see members from different parishes sitting on different subcommittees to work on the new parish’s ministry. It is a joy to see many people engaging and being involved, as well as sharing their time, talent, and treasure to build up our New Parish. Our Church is composed of the people of God, who gather around to share their love and care for each other, and to celebrate sacraments to nurture our Faith!

You are cordially invited to join our parish’s ministry and activities. We are welcoming some new members each week and you are important to become a host for your parish to welcome those who are joining us. Our Subcommittee on Communications will have some Good News to share with us as soon as they are able to organize on how to share this information. When all the information regarding who has the responsibility and duty in this matter has been decided (i.e. our volunteers or a staff person), they will share this information with us.

Through the intercession of St. Joseph and the Virgin Mary, may you and your family have a blessed year! Please join our parishes for various ministries and activities. May you have a blessed day, and we thank you for your support and prayers.

Fr. Tuan Nguyen, Pastor




  • Thanks to all volunteers and people who came and celebrated the feast of St. Joseph the Worker as their patron on Sunday, May 2, 2021 with our Vietnamese community. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to practice our tradition for May devotion.
  • Thanks to Quyen and Son who assisted to replace  the windows which were broken at the school building a few months ago. Those glass windows that were broken from those rooms needed to be fixed for safety reasons.
  • Thanks to Parish leadership team, Stakeholders, and members of Subcommittees who are working very hard during this transition time of our parishes.
  • Thanks to our sponsors and volunteers who organized the vaccine clinic at St. Ann Parish
  • Thanks to our volunteers who will come to assist us to pass out the fresh food boxes to those families who need fresh food this Saturday
  • Thanks to Saint Vincent De Paul’s Ministry to assist the poor and needy. We also thank you for donating food each week, so we can give to those in need.



Finance Report


  • Stewardship of Treasure & Weekly Offering
    May 1 & 2: $ 7,563 (144 envelopes)
    Online Giving this week: $1,313,07

    Thank you for your continued support for the parish



Happy Mother's Day

Good and Gentle God, we pray in gratitude for our mothers and for all the women who have joined with you in the wonder of bringing forth new life. Give them the strength to live and to be loved in return, not perfectly, but humanly. Give them the faithful support of husband, family and friends as they care for the physical and spiritual growth of their children. Give them joy and delight in their children to sustain them through the trials of motherhood. Most of all, give them the wisdom to turn to you for help when they need it most. Amen





Fresh Food Distribution @ St. Ann

Saturday May 8, 2021 from 9am until done

  • enter by G Street and Exit by Park Ave
  • drive through and stay in your car

Everyone is invited to stop by to get the fresh food and spread the words to others

Anyone who is able to volunteer to distribute food boxes, please come and help out. Thank you



Annual Catholic Appeal 2021

Each year at this time, Archbishop Etienne invites us to support the essential ministries and shared services of the Archdiocese through the Annual Catholic Appeal. The mission continues ---but the impact of the pandemic has created extraordinary circumstances for our parish and our regional church, the Archdiocese. Your participation is critical!

This year our parish share of the Appeal is $42,190. If we exceed this amount, all payments above our share will come back to the parish in the form of a rebate to be used for building fence around Church facilities. In this way, your donations not only help support the ministries of our church in Western Washington, but also our needs here at St. Ann Parish


If you are not sure what to give, would you consider a gift of $365 ($1 per day)? Because of the current limitations on Mass attendance due to the pandemic, we have three simple ways to for you to donate:

Be assured of my gratitude for your gift – whatever the amount - and of my continuing prayers for you and your loved ones!

Fr. Tuan Nguyen, D.Min





Annual Catholic Appeal - Q&A

What is the Annual Catholic Appeal?
The Annual Catholic Appeal funds various ministries and services throughout the Archdiocese of Seattle. Through your generous giving, our 172 parishes & missions and 74 schools help to provide A Future Full of Hope for thousands of people throughout Western Washington.


How does the Annual Appeal differ from my parish stewardship giving?
Annual Catholic Appeal

  • Occurs in the Spring of each year
  • Archdiocesan campaign (Denominational)
  • Supports over 60 ministries and services throughout Western Washington
  • Pledge to the Archdiocese – May to April
  • Donations processed through Archdiocese

Parish Stewardship of Treasure

  • Occurs in the Fall of each year
  • Parish renewal (Congregational)
  • Provides parish ordinary income
  • Yearly pledge to the parish – January to December
  • Donations processed through the parish


What Ministries does my gift support?
There are 172 parishes and missions in the Archdiocese, serving 579,500 Catholics. Your gift to the Annual Catholic Appeal helps support more than 60 ministries and services.


Some of the ministries supported by your gift include:

♦ Pastoral Care & Outreach Ministries   ♦ Youth and Young Adults
♦ Catholic Faith Formation   ♦ Catholic Schools
♦ Family & Cultural Ministries   ♦ Catholic Community Services


How does my Parish benefit?

Parishes are direct recipients of the ministries and services supported by the Annual Catholic Appeal. In addition, any money received and exceeding the parish assigned goal is returned through a rebate to your parish to use for a stated project or as needed.


How much should I give to the Annual Appeal?
Please consider a contribution of 1% of your annual income to support the Archdiocese.

Last year’s average gift to the Annual Catholic Appeal was $385. Your donation will help provide the necessary services and ministry resources that can benefit all parishes.



Religious Education

  • First Reconciliation and Communion
    Wed May 19: Rehearsal @ 6:30pm for First Communion
    Wed May 26: First Communion Mass @ 6pm

  • RCIA Schedule
    May 10th: 
    Our call to Holiness
    May 17th: Last day– Evangelization


  • The Adult Catechism class
    The class will be in the school room on Wednesday at 6:30.
    Masks, social distance will be more than 7 will attend.
    This is the schedule of classes: April 14, 21, 28 and May 5, 12, 19, 26



Benediction on Every Wednesdays

in the Year of St. Joseph

The gift of the Indulgences that the Apostolic Penitentiary kindly bestows during the Year of Saint Joseph, through this Decree issued according to Pope Francis’ wish.

The Plenary Indulgence may be obtained by those who shall daily entrust their life to the protection of Saint Joseph.  All faithful shall invoke the Saint's intercession through daily prayers, especially on March 19th,   May 1st, and every Wednesday, the day dedicated to the Saint's memory to the Latin tradition.

Therefore, to create an opportunity for those who wish to receive this special gift of indulgence, at St. Ann Parish, beginning on May 5th, 2021, Fr. Tuan Nguyen initiates a 30' Benediction and pray to St. Joseph on every Wednesdays of the month (following the 8:00 am Mass).  You all are invited to join with other dedicated faithful here at Church, or you may participate online.    

The Plenary Indulgence is granted under the customary conditions (sacramental confession, Eucharistic Communion and prayers according to the Holy Father's intentions) to the faithful who, with a soul detached from any sin, shall participate in the Year of Saint Joseph, in the occasions and with the modalities indicated by this Apostolic Penitentiary.




Prayer List

Muriel Bate, Martha Borja, Miyoko Fine, Kathleen Genge, Ed Glass, Wayne Haverkorn, Nancy Jones, Jackie Lane, Terry Mathern, Doris McGuire, Wesley McMakin, Helen Murray, Neagle Family, Donald Orris, Bernadette Robinson, Valerie & Jerry Rochefort, Milla Schlatter, Eldon & Marge Weber, Joan & Woody Woodring, Virginia Wooten.

We pray for all servicemen and servicewomen and their families.

We pray for all those around the world suffering from the coronavirus.

If anointing of the sick please call Sr. Anna at 253-592-2455.